Our new family edition!

We bought our first new car together! Its a 2006 Ford Fusion! We love it :)


Check us out!! We are now famous in Lodi and on my mom's fridge!!!


Boy has life been one crazy thing after another... We started the month out with our youth group annual garage sale / car wash. The following week was our overnighter. We played laser tag and then came back to the church and hung out till 3am. I think the guys drove Pastor Nathan crazy, but the girls are always good :) The next day we headed to Fort Casey to play the all time favorite Capture the Flag! We had a blast but still a long week ahead of us! On the Sunday after the over-nighter we put up and opened our week long fireworks booth stand! We sold fireworks to help raise money for our youth group and children programs. We ended up raising $22,982!!!! We are so excited to have the money to send more kids to camp and to improve our program. Here are a few pictures of a day and and life in Lindsay and Pastor Nathans summer life!!
Oh.. did I mention in the midst of the madness we moved!! We are crazy!

Impact Garage Sale / Car Wash (they are working hard!)

Laser Tag Day #1 of over-nighter

On our way to Fort Casey to play capture the Flag
Day #2 of over-nighter

Our fireworks booth before the chaos and selling begun!

Impact youth working at the fireworks booth

Sarah and I sneaking in time for a picture!

We are soon looking forward to Summer camp!



A cake for any occasion made by Olivia Macdonald. Check our her very own blog at takinthecake.blogspot.com

She made our wedding cake and it was amazing!!

How many weddings have Nathan and Lindsay been too?

Wedding #1 Ryan and Mandi Renslow
(we didnt get a picture with all the brides and grooms)

Wedding #2 Brian and Kristen Shoop

Wedding #3 Melissa and Tim Middleton

Wedding #4 Alissa and David Watson

Wedding #5 Mandi and Ian Bender

Wedding #6 Blythe and Jason Castro

Wedding #7 Jake and Colleen Wells

Wedding #8 FINALLY..... OUR WEDDING!

Those still yet to come......

Clara and Matthew

Adam and Andrea

Laura and Jason

whos next?


Memorial Day!

There is nothing better then fishing and enjoying some good BBQ in the great outdoors!!! Nathan and I were invited by a couple from our church to join them and their family for memorial day. We went fishing and enjoyed some amazing time of fellowship and food. Thank you Darrel and Judy for a great day!

Party Time!

Nathan and I joined up with some friends Saturday May 23rd to celebrate Nathans 24th Birthday. We starting the night with some huge hot dogs and Costco's famous 7 pound chocolate cake. Then we jumped on a bus and headed to the Seattle Mariner game. It was an awesome night.

Happy Birthday Nathan!